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BIA Reporting launches Power BI Report Export feature

Do you need to take reports with you to a meeting, presentation, business pitch? Sharing a performance report with an internal team or a customer/supplier quickly and simply?

Always focused on a better reporting experience for our users, the BIA Reporting team has implemented a new functionality that allows exporting Power BI reports, ensuring immediate or later sharing and visualization, according to the objective of each user.

Check below how the process is simple:

Once this process is done, the export generates a file in the export's source folder, which can be a PDF or PPTX file, taking into account your objectives and needs, as you can see in the image below.

Additionally, it is also possible to choose the page(s) of the report you want to export, it is not mandatory to export the report in its entirety, so you can choose any report you want.

Would you like to visualize this and other interesting features of BIA Reporting, adapted to your business and reality? Request your free demo today 😊

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