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Cloud Reporting, what is it?

Cloud technology is revolutionizing businesses, and while many professionals consider cloud-based solutions to be the future of business, experts advise that cloud-based solutions aren’t just the future, they are definitely the present.

So, it just makes sense to include reporting in the cloud revolution, in order to streamline processes with better efficiency, less time and costs. But what is cloud reporting, after all? Cloud reporting is service-based reporting technology, which can be defined as the capability provided to the consumer to use an application running on a cloud infrastructure. The application is accessible from various client devices through an interface such as a web browser. The consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network, servers, operating systems or storage, which makes it all easier and less expensive. You simply login to the cloud-based service and enjoy your reporting platform.

While in traditional reporting systems you are faced with regular maintenance and updating time and effort, and bigger costs to keep systems running in your company, everything is easier on the cloud. But what are the benefits of cloud reporting?


  • Data insights, anytime and anywhere
  • No equipment costs
  • Collaborate on your reports online
  • Share your reports with internal and external users
  • Connect to one or multiple sources, having all reports in one place
  • Create attractive reports, without code
  • Last but definitely not least, maximum security for your reports


The great news is, with BIA Reporting, you have all of these benefits, and many more! Create, work, collaborate and share reports like you never did before. It’s a new day, join the reporting revolution and get your free demo, today.

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Marcelo Buinho

Product Growth Specialist


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