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How can Power BI visualizations and BIA Reporting help your business?

One of the most important elements for efficient reporting is data visualization and Microsoft Power BI is a tool that makes this component much easier, gathering and presenting the information obtained through our data. A Power BI report can have a single page with one visual element, or it can have multiple pages with multiple visual elements.


In this sense, what are the main benefits we can obtain?

  • It is a reliable and secure tool from Microsoft, a leading technology reference
  • Develop the business based on secure data analysis
  • Create a data-driven culture across the organization, gaining economic benefits
  • Ensure fast and user-oriented innovation
  • Unify personalized and business management analysis
  • Make complex insights more engaging and accessible
  • Increase the efficiency and accuracy of publishing BI content
  • Enjoy an unrivaled connection with Excel
  • Consult visual elements of data in action
  • Transmit real-time analytics
  • Rely on one of the largest rapidly expanding business intelligence clouds


When creating a report in Power BI, we are also able to benefit from several types of views that we can add to our dashboard, of which we highlight a few:

  • Area graphics: Basic (layered) and Stacked
  • Bar and column charts
  • Line charts
  • Pie charts
  • Cards
  • Combination Charts
  • Decomposition tree
  • Ring graphics
  • Funnel graphics
  • Meter Charts
  • Top influencers chart
  • KPIs
  • Maps
  • Matrix
  • Segmentations
  • Among many others


However, it is essential that we always keep in mind that, although making the dashboard beautiful is important, it is even more important that it be functional, that is, highlight and present the insights that interest us, in a clear and organized way for everyone.

BIA Reporting, by integrating and aggregating all types of reports in Power BI, allows you to have all your reports and dashboards in the same place, securely, being able to create, edit and share them, safely, efficiently and simple.

All decision makers and influencers in your organization can access the reports and collaborate on them, in a single platform, through a configuration of accesses and roles, defined by you. What's more, you can export them, for internal or external presentation, and even share the reports with external stakeholders, so they can follow insights in real-time.

Creating a data-driven organization that makes informed decisions based in accurate and real data is something to consider for your 2022 strategy. Request your free demo and discover how BIA Reporting can help your business increase results and reduce costs.

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Marcelo Buinho

Product Growth Specialist


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