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How can reports help the CEO and Board make better decisions?

The CEO and Board of Organizations have an enormous responsibility to make the best decisions that lead the company to its greatest potential and success. There are several KPIs to take into account, KPIs that vary according to the plan, strategy and business of each Organization.

And what better ally to have with them than data? Data-driven companies can have a greater vision of the company's scenario and performance, whether in a specific timeframe, or in real-time, and in this way, it becomes possible to have the power to predict and define future scenarios and performances.

But how do we do this without reports? The answer is simple, we don't. Only with focused reports, easy to access and interpret, it is possible to reach and exceed the defined goals for success, making the best decisions for your business.

And now you ask, what should these reports be like? I share some characteristics:

  • Focused – The data to be included in these reports must be high-level, representative of the exact and most important indicators that are crucial for analysis, discussion and decision.
  • Accessible – Access to these reports must be quick, practical and easy to navigate and read, being understandable to all involved.
  • Collaborative – Whether through easy internal and/or external sharing, insertion of comments or feedback, so that various teams and areas allocated to a report are always connected, updated, thus preventing communication and alignment flaws or other constraints
  • Visual – This component makes the information more appealing, enhances and simplifies its interpretation, as studies show that more than 65% of people are visual learners. Seeing is believing, right? There you go.
  • Scalable – It's quite common in meetings to see that maybe specific data should be presented differently, or that we should have those numbers highlighted and not these… Being able to gather these insights and put them in pipeline for development is a great asset.

And the best news of all, is that all this is possible with BIA Reporting, being able to centralize all your reports in a single place, with easy access and management, regardless of having one or more sources. Everything is adjusted and defined according to the company's best interests, and yours, of course.

Talk to us and schedule your free demo, and have as well access to a free trial to try out all the product's features, at your own pace and in your own way.

About the author

Marcelo Buinho

Product Growth Specialist


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