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Improved performance and strategy with Marketing & Sales reporting

First of all, let’s clarify a simple translation of a Marketing & Sales strategy: A clear vision that the whole team can agree on, revenue goals for sales and marketing teams to achieve and activity goals to help achieve revenue goals. Sounds pretty easy, right? Wrong. It takes so many discussions, analyses, wrong decisions in order to make the right ones, it’s a constant learning and adjusting experience. All of this mixed with pressure to achieve and maximize results in a short period of time, with reduced costs, while taking very deep breaths at the same time.

This is where data and reports come in as a mandatory ally to your work, because not only data helps you understand your business, but also the market you’re competing at. Researching the market and benchmarking your Marketing & Sales performance allows you to keep your feet in the ground, with a solid, informed knowledge that makes you define realistic and clear goals for your business and your teams.

So, you define your KPIs, target accounts and personas, and your strategy to achieve your goals. You feel excited, get to work, and the first quarter goes by. Now it’s time to measure and analyse a whole mix of metrics. You start this process and suddenly, things aren’t so fun anymore because you have scattered data from different sources, reports in excel, never-ending spreadsheets and numbers, which a lot of them do not matter to you or other Marketing & Sales team members. Long hours go by, everybody feels tired, and it’s just a bunch of tedious numbers that do not deliver a clear, attractive and efficient understanding of performance.

That’s why reporting technology can be your best friend in improving your performance and strategy. You can define and apply the KPIs that matter to you and your teams, with specific timelines and visuals that respond to everybody’s needs. Centralized reporting to all relevant users, with a simple, intuitive interface. Yup, it’s possible!

Why should Marketing and Sales professionals fight each other because communications or processes are confusing and unproductive? This can be solved when everybody has access to the same reports, with data that matters to both sides, resulting in improved communications, processes, and of course, results. Take a look at the following scenarios:

  • Marketing people want easy access to a Sales pipeline report? BIA Reporting allows it ✔️
  • Sales people want to publish notes on a Marketing lead report? BIA Reporting allows it ✔️
  • Marketing and Sales want to define a joint report for Board presentation with simple, clear and appealing data? BIA Reporting allows it ✔️

It’s great when technology makes our lives easier, and allows people to work better together. So, what are you waiting for? Request your free demo, get your free trial for testing and see for yourself how BIA Reporting can help Marketing & Sales to improve performance, ROI, identify patterns and trends, allowing you to deliver the best products or services, retaining your clients while acquiring new ones.

About the author

Marcelo Buinho

Product Growth Specialist


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