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Is BIA Reporting just an aggregator of BI sources?

The answer is no. BIA Reporting is not just a platform that aggregates BI reports from multiple sources, for companies that have more than one BI system.

We do much more than that. We help companies and their employees to be more agile, effective, and achieve more in less time, through accurate, focused and valuable business insights for efficient, informed and impactful decision-making.


We share just a few of the many benefits that BIA Reporting guarantees:

  • Do we streamline the licensing process? Yes ✔️
  • Do we help to reduce costs? Yes ✔️
  • Do we provide reliable business insights focused on the organization's KPIs? Yes ✔️
  • Do we offer a complete vision of the business? Yes ✔️
  • Do we streamline financial control and the direction of organizational strategy? Yes ✔️
  • Do we guarantee the sharing of reports for internal and external users with maximum security and confidentiality? Yes ✔️
  • Do we revolutionize the way teams and the organization work and collaborate as a whole? Yes ✔️
  • Do we represent transformation and evolution in the way we work, collaborate and analyze reports? Yes ✔️
  • Do we help you and your organization to be unbeatable players in a competitive market? Definitely yes ✔️
  • Are we just a solution that aggregates BI reports from multiple sources? No ❌


Just think how great it would be to be able to see all of your organization's data in one place, with an intuitive, fast and single access. Centralize, consult, organize, share and collaborate on various reports and dashboards, ensuring better decisions and putting your business at the forefront of the market.

Don't you believe that all this is within your reach? Well, you should… Anyway, we invite you to request your free demo, just because we are stubborn and love to prove we are right. Do you accept the challenge? You won't regret it.

About the author

Marcelo Buinho

Product Growth Specialist


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