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Too much time to find what you need? Smart search is the answer

It’s quite dramatic when you have to search for data that you don’t know where it is or how it’s named. Time goes by and then you realize that valuable hours of productive work for you or your team were allocated into just searching… for something. Nobody has time for that! Time efficiency is a goal for all of us, but sometimes, reality doesn’t work to our advantage. It’s up to us to challenge this and continue to bet on effective and resourceful reports and dashboards technology that gives us what we want, when we want, in seconds.

Imagine yourself at a meeting with your company’s board or with a business prospect. You need to find a business report asap in order to demonstrate reinforcing data to complete your pitch with success. But then, you can’t find the report… and you try to remain calm while all eyes are on you in a silent atmosphere. And then you start to feel sweaty. The horror! It’s a messy situation that can be prevented when you have the right reporting technology by your side.

Now picture this positive scenario, you find the report you need in seconds, demonstrate the dashboard with the data you want, impress everybody in the room, not only by having data insights to support your argument, but because everybody else also understands what they see. It’s an organized dashboard, visually attractive and positively structured with relevant KPIs. People will be impressed with your efficiency, your reporting tools, your planning, and your strategic way of communicating and doing things. You become a winner in their eyes, now that’s a much better situation, wouldn’t you agree?

With BIA Reporting’s Smart Search feature, you can organize and find your reports with the usage of specific names, tags and attributes, strategically created according to your plan, goals and work method. Straight to the point! We hate to waste time with inefficient processes, and we believe you do too, right?

Let me tell you that with BIA Reporting, our main goal is to turn you into the best version of yourself, contributing directly to the evolution of your activity, impacting positively your company, your teams, while remaining happy, productive and stress free.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, we dare you to request your free demo today, and see for yourself what we are talking about. Reports aren’t just reports, they are powerful weapons to elevate yourself as a valuable, informed professional and your company as a competitive player in a merciless, demanding market.

Our motto is less time to achieve more. And it is true. Our motto can become your motto too. Are you ready? Let’s go.

About the author

Marcelo Buinho

Product Growth Specialist


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