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What is Power BI and how does it work with BIA Reporting?

Power BI is a Microsoft Self-Service BI tool, supported by BIA Reporting, which provides a better reporting experience, meeting your organization's KPIs when working with your data. But clearly and directly, what is Power BI and what can it do for you and your company?

This solution is one of the most popular and preferred Analytics tools available on the market, comprising a collection of software services, applications and connectors that work together to transform unrelated data sources into coherent, visually immersive and interactive information. It also allows you to view your data and gain valuable insights into your organization and even incorporate them into your website or application. Awesome, right?

And because we really want you and your business to succeed, we share some of the most common benefits that Power BI presents to companies:

  • It is a strong software, which has a high-level performance, allowing a high data compression rate
  • Provides varied and integrated views, with more than 30 official looks and more than 100 looks available in the marketplace
  • Integrates with several tools, such as Excel, PDF, Google Analytics, Facebook, among others
  • It is possible to update data in real time and update the software on a regular basis, contributing to efficient sharing and analysis
  • Cost VS benefit is reasonable and justified
  • It is a software from Microsoft, a leading company and market reference, with proven effectiveness by research institutes such as Gartner

And the best news of all is that your reports in Power BI are perfectly integrated with BIA Reporting, being able to aggregate all your favorite reports, in a centralized, organized and secure way, in a single place, keeping its original visualization and format.

You will have access to a unique experience, with no code or development required, being able to collaborate on reports and share them with internal and external users.

And despite this simple and immediate integration process, do you feel you need additional support for your reports and dashboards? We can also help you in the necessary and desired technological development, meeting your objectives and goals, guaranteeing nothing more than a successful implementation. BI4ALL is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and our professionals are highly certified and specialized in its tools and software, applying the best knowledge and development to the products and services we create for our customers.

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