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Allow your team to collaborate in the same reports through comments and mentions.

In addiction, collaboration shows you all related tags simplifying search process by subject.

You also can attach other files to reports, helping your team to understand data better.



Source auditing allows a quick analysis, by source type, name, number of reports present on the platform, as well as the number of users who access reports by source name (source connection).

It is also possible to navigate to a data source name and identify the associated reports and access the report right from this navigation.



By managing sources, BIA Reporting allows admins to define what are the reports sources that can be used and, with that, guarantee a good governance and report quality delivered to each user.

Simple Navigation


Each user can mark reports as Favourites, and allow users to have a quick access to their most used Reports. 

Simple Navigation

Reporting Viewer

The hub is where each user can access the available reports, its roles, organized by folders.

The user can navigate through the folder structure and open multiple reports in different tabs.

By opening in different forms, the user can keep the navigation context, open different reports and compare reports between tabs.

See your reports in

BIA Reporting

BIA Reporting helps users with an intuitive reporting BI portal experience, a consolidated view to all their reports, and a user-friendly interface.

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